Software development outsourcing – is that even a solution?

First question – solution for what? Software development outsourcing is a common practice in IT world nowadays – and it must be working, since otherwise so many people wouldn’t even look at it as a method of attaining their business goals.

Software development outsourcing – what it is?

First of all, we need to understand the concept of outsourcing per se. In its everyday use it might seem pretty clear and moreover, many people have actually looked it up on Wikipedia or somewhere in a dictionary – if anyone still uses that thing.

get the mobile under control - it's also a part of software development outsourcing

So, according to this naive-slash-dictionary knowledge of the word’s semantics, outsourcing is moving out of certain business processes out of the company – and getting it done somewhere outside.

And an important thing – not creating another branch in wherever this “somewhere else” might accidentally be found. It’s contracting a process out. This is essentially how software development outsourcing works just as well.

What’s different in IT outsourcing?

Well, because it’s IT, the communication is pretty dope. And this makes it a whole lot different experience. The first thing that many people think about when it comes to outsourcing is an obvious one – distance. Geographical location. And even though today’s technologies cannot – yet! – eliminate that by compressing the whole of time and space into one point – they can however minimize its impact on how business is done.

software dev outsourcing thingey

Software development outsourcing already has all the tools – internet communicators, collaborative work tools that allow users to work on a single project together, in real-time as well to track all the processes and chunk the communication itself. Along with the tools, the good practices must follow and be developed.

How to communicate? How to keep all aspects of the project under control? This is the management’s thing to come up with and it’s being done as we speak and really a lot of things has already been done in this matter. Just Google things like SCRUM, Kanban, Agile etc.


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