Codete interview p. 2. Dedicated Android developers

Hello y’all, this is the second – and not the last – part of the transcript from our talk with Codete’s Marcel Przetaczewski. Today we’re presenting you the parts of our two-weeks old conversation in which we were discussing the topic of dedicated Android developers, pros and cons of these… may I say… process management tools, am I right to put it this way, Marcel?

Topic 2: dedicated Android developers and their meaning

Marcel Przetaczewski, Codete: Yes, I’d say that this is a correct way of saying what dedicated Android or whatever else, developers and teams are. Basically, what we’re advertising as a software house, is the ability of assembiling highly coordinated teams to do the job.

For Anroid apps of hi quality, a right developers teams has to be there

Carrick O’Brien, Tory Island Program One Radio: So what’s special about those tools? Why do people pay so much attention to the way the workflow is managed?

Marcel: Well, not all the people…

Carrick: Not all of them…

Marcel: No, no, not really. Actually for those with corporate experience it’s pretty obvious and different customers – well, we need to educate them a little bit. About the reasons, the first and foremost is that in skills of developers today are generally high. It isn’t really difficult to find a talented coder. The key is unlocking the members’ potential. Most of it is stuck in unpermeable communication channels and poor taks coordiantion. But a dedicated Android developers forming a team can do the job smoothly. And it doesn’t even take masters of code, then, to accomplish the task within the deadline and make it a tested inside-out, stable version of highest quality.

Delivering & learning

Carrick: So you may have space in your teams to train people relatively new in the field?

Dedicated Android developers team during a meeting - learning and working

Marcel: Yes, definitely – dedicated Android developers crews are an excellent environment for people to learn – from themselves, on the job. It really works.

Carrick: Thank you very much, now we’re going to move on to the next topic of our discussion, but we’re gonna have a little break before that, and for the blog, that’s the end of this part of transcript, see you next week!

And for more details about developers dedicated for Android, look up the info on Codete’s website:


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