Interview with Codete, PL: dedicated web developement teams

The following blog post is a transcript from a one-time podcast. Program One’s host, Carrick’s O’Brien had Codete Marcel Przetaczewski on air and they spoke about  current developments in IT as well as hacks like dedicated web development teams, a very handy – according to Codete – tool for IT companies these days.

Web development teams – a path to success?

Carrick: Hello you all, with your ears glued to the radio transmitters, it’s a windy day today on our Tory Island, so do stay with us, Program One, for the next hour, we are going to take a dip into IT world, we’re going to seize an opportunity to look into the way people that started up an IT consulting, mobile and web development company from Cracow, Poland do it – create teams, manage their work and achieve what seems to be a success. We’ve got Marcel Przetaczewski with us, on air, right now. Hi Marcel, it’s awesome to have you here, thankfully the connection will serve us alright during the whole chat.

Program's realization team handles the task as Marcel speaks about dedicated web development teams

Marcel: Yes, I hope so – and, Carrick, great thanks for having me, and this is also us – Codete from Cracow – on air in Program One.

Carrick: No problem, it’s a pleasure for us. So, Marcel, tell me, how do you attain a success in IT world?

Marcel from Codete: “the recipe for success is deceptively simple”

Marcel: Well, Codete’s recipe for success is deceptively simple.  We’ve got two things – the first are people – experienced, passionate guys and gals. They make the teams. But the teams have to be managed in a right way and it’s where the second factor kicks in – project management methodologies for a web development dedicated team. This has to be a conscious approach, an explicit one.

This is logo of Codete - software house, whose Marcel is our today's guest

The transcript will be continued soon – check our blog frequently for the next part of it. Apart from dedicated web development teams, we will discuss other stuff with amazing Marcel Przetaczewski from Codete software house, Cracow, Poland. Hear you soon!

Look for more info also here:


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