From professionals to professionals – IT blogging

It’s been almost a year since we’ve started our own blogging adventure and the main reasons and goals of why we decided to enter the blogosphere are still far from being completed – but we’ll get there, step by step, surely.

Global software house network

The thing that fascinated us about blogosphere is that self-governing net of professionals, based in numerous software houses located all around the globe, who want to share their expertise completely for free – just for the sake of professional pleasure of being in the same network with other people, equally thrilled about IT.

Get to know how a network of software house bloggers bring about a new world

It’s like we didn’t have a team of web or Android developers, even dedicated, but multiple teams – a team of teams, of all developers, coders, geeks and lovely nerds from all around the world!

Software development is not for lone, teenage hackers anymore. It’s a team sport now

The fact that there works a network like that tells a very important thing about the whole community as well as is an important information for people interested in the profile of a contemporary dedicated or not Android or whatever else, developer – it’s a social person. Not a lone wolf.

Look out for our events - we are eager to get to know you! We're Codete software house

At Codete, we cherish and enjoy those aspects of the Android, iOS, Ruby, Python etc. community. We value organizational culture. Looking at this from a business as usual point of view, it help to retain our employees. The key is to make their – and ours – time at the company fruitful and joyful at the same time.

Remember Abraham Maslow? He pointed out in his pyramid-shaped chart  that people have diverse and different needs. And modern software houses need to act accordingly – take care of those needs.

Check out how we work and how we livin’ it!


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