Mobile development tips from Codete – new Android Nougat feature!

Mobile development tutorial – tweak your Nougat with DirectReply

A brand-new feature has been released for Android 7.0 Nougat – it’s Notifications tweak called DirectReply. Now a bar at the top announcing everytime a new message comes in can be used to immediately respond to a message without opening a new window. Theoretically, as we can see, the tweak will allow the user experience to be even smoother than before.

DirectReply tutorial by Codete software house from Lesser Poland's KrakowOur programmers at Codete software house with its HQ in Krakow, Poland, want to create a short and intersting tutorial, comprehensively showing you how to establish the new funtionality.

Let’s go down with this – the mobile development tutorial proper

The things you are going to need in order to complete this tutorial and start testing your Android Nougat with a brand-new funtionality are as follows:

Android Nougat SDK (API 24) as well as its emulator or a mobile device. You will also need an Android Studio 2.1+.

The precise instructions of how to proceed with code in order to achieve the result you can find on our blog: – this place is only for introducing the things you can do with our tutorials!

We encourage you at all times to visit the homepage of Codete software house from Krakow as well as our blog – plenty of up to date, interesting info out there, together will clear tutorials showing you how to spruce up your applications or increase funtionality of your organization and development teams.


When all of the steps are correctly followed, your Android will now have three additional functionalities – it will yield sending notifications as well as replying to them and sending/replying confirmations.

Spruce the Nougat up with what we have to show you!

Thanks for reading the introduction, and go visit our main page and see the whole tutorial on your own! And if you have any questions, reservations or remarks, you can air them in the comment section under the blog post – we will surely reply fast!

Who provided you with the tutorial?

Codete – an international software house Kraków (HQ), Germany

Olszańska 7, 31-513 Kraków

call us: 608 508 372

or visit us online:


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