Scrumban project management – how to excel in your software development process

As we previously said, in one of our blogposts on this blog, Scrumban is a key to productivity for IT companies – especially when it comes to small project management.

And today we’d like to go a little bit in depth to show how to actually implement Scrumban, as many of you, our readers, have probably a nature or at least a lean towards being an experimental manager (how cool does it sound, right?) and would like to test Scrumban in one or two of your projects.

So how to do a good Scrumban?

Daily meetings – a great tool for keeping people up to date with everything. Hold it really daily, always at the same time. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes.

Being an enterpreneur requires extensive planning - Scrumban is a way to do this

Planning meeting – a longer one, during which the tasks are described and prioritized. Also provides a space for asking question about goals clarity.

Estimation – it acquires accuracy after several iteration. A must-have – all tasks have to be estimated as to the volume of the resources they will consume.

Sprint restrospective meeting – during this meeting a wrap-up of all that was done is done, and sometimes some early version of the product presented to the customer.

Proces improvement – every process need monitoring. At Codete, we decided to hold those meetings together with our customers as they might have some very valuable input and, in the end, the product will suit them more if they express their expectations freely and dynamically.

A wrap-up: what this all about, really

Project mangement is a bread and utter of all ITA hallmark of a good small project mangement and every project mangement is that people follow it naturally. It’s the case with Scrumban – it’s well organized, keeping a steady pace, predictable and rational. It also leaves a lot of space for feedback and improvement. It’s a type of self-controlling process.

If you like, check it all up with Codete’s blogposts covering the issue of project mangaement, Scrumban and the like:


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