Small projects and software houses

It’s not at all true that if you can manage a big project properly, the small will posit no challenge for you whatsoever. Simply not true and this is due to the fact that small projects have their own, an entirely different kind of specifics.

How well can a software house work if using Scrum-ban

Time of the tasks is a key to project managementTherefore, for small project management, you need to take on a different approach. Codete, drawing from its experience as a software house, recommends Scrum-ban approach.

This is – as some of you might find quite obvious – a mixture of Scrum and Kanban approaches, project management methodologies.

It’s pretty obvious that for the software houses project management is of key importance. Scrum-ban takes what is considered to be the most useful from both Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

From Scrum it takes the idea that the release should happen periodically and Kanban inspirations guarantee than in this new approach the stress on the task management will be put on its quick finishing.

What are the methodology’s features and advantages for software development

Planning projects of software development is our jobThe software development work as planned with Scrum-ban approach, happens in iterations – an the time of each iteration is divided into development process and stabilization. Development is self-explanatory and stabilization process is about finding the bugs by testing the software and fixing those errors.

After the iteration is finished, a stable version of the product is created, and this version is presented to the Client – and then the product is feedbacked and discussed as to how well it meets the Client’s expectations.

A big advantage of Scrum-ban methodology is that after a certain time of implementation in a software house team, the procedure becomes quite intuitive. People start following it by themselves as the effects in how quickly the tasks are completed are clearly visible.

For more detailed information as to how to manage the projects with Scrum-ban methodology, please read our blog post in which we’ve explained this more extensively.


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