Software House – what is it?

A software house isn’t (as the name might suggest to those people who are not part of IT industry on a daily basis) just a bunch of programmers put together in order to form a team of some sort.

You need to get your project done? Hire a professional software house, for God's sake!Today the reality of software is much more complex. This is at least partially and probably not in a small part at all, thanks to the powers that drive software development. There is no money allocated from our taxes – the business runs it.

So the whole thing almost instantly became a product. So the process of programming ceased to be an entirety of the whole process of development of a given piece of software. The app needs to function as a product – this is its raison d’etre. You might have come across a brilliant idea, but it’s in most cases feasible as long as it’s a good idea in terms of business. ROI is the key.

And software houses understand that perfectly

That’s why we – as well as others – advertise ourselves not just like that: we know several code languages, we are so proficient that we even order in a restaurant in Java. That doesn’t matter, at all. Software houses cannot be detached from the so called real world, which, for the argument’s sake, is the world in which people purchase stuff.

Software developers need to know all that – people’s cravings, what drives people to download an app and keep it on their smartphones. They need to be marketing specialists as well. Onboarding is their bread and butter. Finding life hacks to get better positions in different kinds of rankings as a part of ASO – app store optimization – strategy is also a must.


MOREOVER, software houses advertise themselves by exposing their method or software development, i. e. process. What are the stages, how are the tasks transferred from one developer to another. All that project management mojo is very important. It’s like with electric energy transfer – transport, administration, storage is the most important. Key skills are not the key problem. You can find awesome programmers, computer nerds, hackers that’ll do anything for you.

Codete software houose logo check us outThe problem is the clockwork. Software houses deal with it.

Check out ours.


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