Software house Poland everyday reality part TWO

Innovative thinking is often thought about as a sort of occult skill, inborn and accessible only for chosen few.

creativity an innovation in software houseReality is different. And we’ve discovered it by working on our process every day. Since we are in rapidly developing business and branch, innovation is our bread and butter. For this reason alone we had to develop a way of achieving a stable, sustainable way of being innovative in our team – sitting under a tree and simple waiting of enlightenment is no way to work in a software house – in Poland or anywhere else.

How to facilitate innovative thinking in a software house?

There’s nothing more practical than a good theory. That’s why we need to understand what are the mechanisms behind creativity. We believe it’s about connections. This convictions is backed by case studies, observations and discussions we hold in our software house in Poland on a regular basis.

thinking in software house in Poland or anywhereThe crucial point of thinking this way and – at the same time – a way to break our mental blocks in thinking about creativity and keeping us away from creative thinking itself – is thinking of innovative solutions as coming from an obscure way of using mind.
And in the reality, it’s the other way around. This is a tool – and our brains were trained to use is in the course of evolution. It means that all people are somewhat prepared to think in an innovative way.

How to achieve this?

In order to secure this skill for our software house in Poland team, we do not need to think necessarily about hiring creative individuals. We need to think in terms of unlocking this skill for people who are already there. And facilitating motivation. The people’s knowledge is actually a one factor that’s already in place and this helps innovative thinking a lot.

When innovation meets professional knowledge and expertise together with a good deal of experience – something amazing might happen.


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