Software house everyday reality – productivity issues and how to tackle them

Productivity might not seem like a particularly perfect topic to cover on an once-in-website-life-time initial blogpost on a software house blog.





deal with productivity in a software house envirnment - okay but howWhy? Productivity is still a manager’s thing, but now not only. Browsing through the greatest blogs in the industry you can see a somehow transdisciplinary approach to the topics. Right now the small, once or still start-ups, medium organizations, software houses are dynamically working on their own hacks of how to overcome issues like time management, productivity downfalls, long-term talent retention, personal development and so on, resulting in i.e. employer branding.

Productivity in a software house environment

We wanted to start with this approach. On Codete’s board, we’ve got talents. Those people came in and were already skilled as hell. What we can do to make sure our software house maintains the highest levels of productivity, thus providing our employees

At Codete we decided to gather and discuss the issue of productivity. We did it after  watching some past conference talks and Deal with downfalls while software development for a housekeynotes during which people coming from the same surroundings and industries and branches were sharing their experience and tips on how to manage the standard issues.

Practical tips. Starting from email

Firstly, everyone is speaking about email as being a source of distraction Especially if you go through your inbox unread mails one by one, opening them in a sequence and reading them. Well – use tags instead. You will have done the task of inbox management but the time will be saved.

Rushing to Facebook

Secondly, apply whatever you want a solution to reduce the amount of time spent on Facebook, scrolling Twitter feed or discovering the universes beyond on Reddit. It’s cool we all know that, but the employees themselves might get frustrated because of checking the feed too often.

Going through noise & music

As a third thing, make your software house environment productivity friendly. Start by going through your desk and identifying the attention-catchers and get rid of them. Then the difficult part – audio environment. You can use try some different stuff, like techno music, instrumental, Brian Eno’s “Textures” for creating a cozy soundscape or Noisli for white noise in the background. This will help you detach and focus on your work, resulting in productivity and satisfaction.

Finishing with chillout

Have breaks. And walk away from computer if working for a software house. Seriously. Even five minute breaks that you are actually obliged to have if working on basis on employment contract, not a mere contract, works to your benefit, improving blood circulation and having other effects.


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